Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wizarding World of Harry Potter with Stampin' Up! Manager's Reception

Well, apart from a 4 hour trip to the Orlando ER, we had a FABULOUS time at the Manager's reception at Harry Potter! (My friend needed to see a Dr. and she was fine in the end but we stayed up all night for all the wrong reasons!)

Here we are in line for the buses to come and take us to Hogwarts! This is when I found out I'd left my camera memory card in my computer at the hotel ACK!!! So, thank you Rachel for the photo's!

Here we are in the village of Hogsmeade standing in front of the Hogwart's Express

 Ollivander's Wand Shop - where the wand chooses the wizard as you know.

  The Food! The Food! These are cauldron cakes (of course.) Somebody had been slaving away with their wands to make mountains of yummy stuff. I know I'm predictable but I loved that it had such an English theme (Apparently a lot of the food at Hogwarts is inspired by English muggles. So I ate fish and chips, shepherd's pie, treacle pudding and custard, a LOT of pickled onions (my favorite!) really good English cheese, beet and onion salad, drank pumpkin juice and butterbeer and THEN I went on a really extreme roller coaster.... TWICE! What was I thinking? Am I EIGHT YEARS OLD? Of course I got terrible motion sickness and couldn't go on anything else all night... sigh.

 Here's the sorting hat. It didn't ACTUALLY sort me but we all know I would have been in Griffindor OF COURSE!

 Rachel and I hanging with Hermione & students from Dumstrang and Beauxbaton (notice I pushed Rachel out the way so I could stand nearer to the Viktor Krum lookalike.

And here we are in the ER. I think we look pretty good considering it was FOUR AM!!! I think their policy was to make you wait so long you either died or got better. Thankfully Rachel did the latter!

We had a fabulous time, thank you Stampin' Up! for an awesome night!
More tomorrow :-)



  1. Had Rachel watched what she ate that day, the ER would've never happened. Hahaha (Thanks for being such a great friend during this ordeal, Brenda.)

    1. Haha - It was an interesting experience Rachel :-) I'm just glad it all turned out ok! Now we have some stories to tell...

  2. oh my gosh! did she get sick on the ride? My brother got totally crushed (being a weight lifter). Absolutely fab photos! I didnt realize that my ipad doesnt have a flash until we got to hogwarts. :) Figures! :)

    1. Oh no! It was extremely dark everywhere there too wasn't it?! No, she'd reacted to something she'd eaten earlier, but I met a few people who had got sick on the rides, too much fun!

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