Monday, January 21, 2013

Stampin' Up! Leadership Conference - Pajama Party and more!

How long is it since you went to a pajama party? Well, we went to one last week with 1,500 people! I was so happy to wear my pajamas being as I'd only had a couple of hours sleep!
 Teresa (far left) came to leadership for the first time, it was the first time I'd had a member of my team come and it was really fun to get to share the fun with somebody. Arlene next to me was from California, we just met her walking over, one of my favorite things about SU events is it's so easy to make friends with people from all over the US & Canada!

Brian Pilling showed us how to make this cute card, love that baby whale clip!

It cracks me up how everybody goes crazy when they get free stuff! We came home with a big pile of stamps and accessories, and I have certificates to redeem for 2 more stamp sets that I can choose, yippee! The only trouble  is I saw so many cute ideas I kind of want everything (that's why I'm a demonstrator I suppose!)

This is my lovely friend Kristine from Canada, aren't her jammies so cute?!

Here's my upline, Tara (2nd from right) and some of her friends. I don't know where they got their balloon hats but they're sure looking good!!

Hope you're having a great week, Brenda

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