Monday, January 28, 2013

Copy and Share Everything! It's the Stampin' Up! way!

Have you ever thought: "Oh, I'm not creative, I don't know where people come up with those great ideas?" If so, you're in good company - I do this for a living and I share that sentiment! So today I'm going to let you into a little secret... I COPY AND SHARE EVERYTHING!  (CASE) I know in school that wasn't allowed but I'm here to tell you that in Stampin' Up! it absolutely IS! 

Here's an example - in September I received this beautiful swap card from the lovely Karen Duke using the Blooming with Kindness stamp set and the Delicate Designs embossing folder.

In January I needed a sympathy card so I took her design and COPIED it pretty much exactly. Didn't it come out great? And I can even feel comfortable bragging about it because it wasn't my idea... 

One of things I really, really love about Stampin' Up! is that they encourage us to share and they set the example with their generosity. As a demonstrator we don't have geographical territories and so we sometimes have to learn how to overlap with other demonstrators. Over the years I have learned that this is a real blessing. Our customers can get different ideas from all around and know that they're not stepping on our toes. I have learned that when I hold onto things & people with an open hand (rather than clutch them tightly) that I am blessed somehow.

I'm sure we all have examples of things that we let go of only to find a surprising blessing. I could list countless examples of extreme generosity in sharing from fellow demonstrators (in the form of advice, business tools, creative ideas, tutorials etc.) and also from the women who come and stamp with me. Over the years I have been the grateful recipient of many little gifts: from cards, yummy treats, ideas, inspiration, materials, friendship (my fave!) to thoughtful handmade gifts.

Isn't it so true that the more we give the more we receive? So - if you're stuck for an idea... go ahead and copy someone else's! CASE - it's the Stampin' Up! way!

A great place to start copying is from the catalogs! Do you have one of your own? If not, please let me know and I'll be happy to send you the current catalogs. Have a great day - Brenda


  1. Brenda -- what a lovely thought to share -- shared by a lovely person. I personally love all the ideas you so willingly share -- and like you, am a HUGE supporter of the CASEing way of doing Stampin' Up. Thanks for sharing this today!

    1. Thank you Catherine, can you imagine if we were trying to do this solo? I have appreciated and used your ideas over the years - my thanks go out to you too! :-)

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