Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Taking a moment to be thankful

I saw an idea on Pinterest that really spoke to me - somebody had taken a jar and when they had things to be thankful about during the year they wrote a little note and dropped it in the jar - at the end of the year they were able to shake the notes out and read them... isn't that lovely? I love the idea of taking a moment to be thankful, and of actually recognizing and writing down our blessings.

Well, 99% of the time, I hear an idea that I love, and that's all it ever becomes, an idea! I think:
     "Oh! I love that! I'll find the perfect jar... and I can DECORATE it! And it will be so cute!! And where did I put that chalkboard vinyl I had? That would be PERFECT!! And I'll get the boys to help me! And it will be a great family project! And I'll tie on a cute little matching pencil! And maybe buy a BEDAZZLER! and... and... and..."

You get the idea?! And it will never happen - and I'll remember months later and be sad that I never did it. 

So, this time I thought "Done is better than perfect." I just stuck a plain old jar up on the shelf, no ribbons, no labels, no bling, told everybody in the family and let it sit there. 

And I am LOVING it! I am jotting down the big and little things I'm thankful for. And I'm looking around me for things I can put in there, which makes a big change from looking around for all the things I can whine about and add to my "It sucks to be me..." story! 

And I might even decorate it - someday :-)
I hope you can find a moment to think about what you're thankful for today.



  1. I have one too, but mine is painted and has bling and a little skull bracelet I bought at the airport in Arizona. I've added a cartoon and a couple of fortune cookie fortunes that I liked. I haven't done it every day, but I do agree that looking for what we're thankful for in a day is much better than looking for the woe is me moment.

  2. See how good you are? How appropriate to have the skull :-) I just read a quote that said "What if today you only had what you'd thanked God for yesterday." Made me think!