Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bayfield's Bring It To The Table!

I'm excited to share this short video over at Bayfield's Bring It To The Table with you! 

Pedro and Junior feature members of the Bayfield community on their YouTube site and interview them about local opportunities, products and services. It really was a blast and I got to pretend I was a celebrity for a few minutes - I'm all ready for Oprah now!
The 'Set'
They were great at making me feel comfortable and appeared genuinely interested and excited about what I am offering here in Bayfield! I don't have many men stamping with me so it was great to get their perspective - I even got Junior to stamp a card on camera using the Dude, You're Welcome kit - he did a great job - I'm dying to hear what his wife thought of it...
Samples for the set
It's kind of interesting how you can live in a small town like I do and still not really know what your neighbors do, or what fun activities are available. I spent a little time looking through all their videos and was impressed to see all that's going on, some of things I knew about, but there were others that I had no idea! I'm looking forward to bumping into some of these people in the grocery store now. One thing about living here is you know you definitely WILL bump into everybody sooner or later...
Lights! Cameras! Action!
So, thanks Pedro & Junior! Look forward to more videos on your site!



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