Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm on the final stretch!

We leave for the Stampin' Up! cruise this FRIDAY! Yippee! As Finlay says "it was so far away but now it's nearly here!" Exactly how I feel... So I have to share what I got: Last week the FedEx guy knocked at the door and left a box. My heart will always belong to the UPS guy who brings my stamping stuff of course but now it's straying a little because the FedEx man bought the cruise tickets! I tore the box open to find a Bermuda Bay shiny purse stuffed with lots of info. about our cruise, real plane tickets (it feels like a long time since I saw a real ticket rather than just a piece of paper with the details on!) cute luggage labels and our name tags. La La La! How fun. I see on the itinerary we have a "midnight madness" make and take session from midnight till 2 a.m. one night, I just hope I can stay awake! I love that I can spend the evening with my family and then go out to play once they're all asleep. I'm going to be "offline" while we're away but I am planning a special just for my customers so be sure to check back and find out more! Have a great week, Brenda


  1. So Cute -- Congrats on your achievement!! I hope everyone has fun!

  2. oh wow so pretty. Congrats!! Dont forget to take lots of pictures!!