Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Robin made this card at our Easter Class - she changed it up from my original and I liked hers better than mine, I hate when that happens! Actually, that happens all the time - that's one of the things I love about stamping - everybody adds their own individual touches, either by mistake or on purpose, and each card is unique.
I have been having a lovely Spring Break - I haven't seemed to achieve anything significant - but I've sorted out lots of piles of junk that seem to accumulate by magic in my house, (by sorting them I mean I've moved them from A to B and back again) plus I've nearly finished my TAXES and we still have a whole week and a half to go. That's a first for me. The trouble with having my own business is I have so many bits and pieces to keep track of and anybody who knows me knows that kind of thing is really not my strength... Every year I resolve to be better organised but every April - here I am again - sigh.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend - Brenda

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