Monday, August 26, 2013

Stampin' Up! meets Minecraft!

My youngest son, Callum, is obsessed with Minecraft, know any kids like this? I have to admit I absolutely don't get it! To me it looks really old fashioned and boxy but (if I let him) he would spend HOURS in front of the computer screen building weird and wonderful landscapes, baking cakes, farming pigs and avoiding creepers. This summer he showed me a Papercraft App on his iPod that allows you to design your own "skin" and then print it out and build these cool 3D sculptures. As it involved paper and not the computer screen I was happy to let him do it (although, not so happy, when he and his friend decided they needed to print out 90 lime green wool blocks and used up all my color cartridges!) 

Then he dug into my Stampin' Up! supplies, apparently you need those nice pointy Paper Snips to get into all the corners...
 And the Simply Scored and Stylus are exactly what you need to score all the crease lines...

He and his friend are listening to Minecraft songs on their iPod, while wearing Minecraft t-shirts and creating Minecraft sculptures - I told you, it's an obsession!

Here he is with one of his creations, aren't they cool? He entered this one 'Steve' into the State fair and got a blue ribbon and a $2 prize! Go Callum!


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