Monday, April 8, 2013

This & That Kit - My kind of scrapbooking!

Now, this is MY kind of scrapbooking!

My life is busy, chaotic and crazy. I have very few blocks of time to sort and organize and figure out what to scrapbook and by the time I do I don't remember the details or the funny things that happened, and I feel stressed about having everything match and where I put the cute accessories etc.

When I saw this my interest was piqued... but I still wasn't sure... when I got it in my hands I squealed, I was so excited! No more doing anything in order (unless you want to.) No more chronological, needing to get everything down. Just throw in the bits YOU want. Often, the most important thing to me is not the who, when, what, where, how... It's the life lessons. The little things I see or feel and say "I want to remember this. I want to hold onto this feeling or this new knowledge."

So, for example, we just spent part of our Spring Break in Albuquerque - we went to the zoo and had a great time. The things that made it special for me are the little things though... Finlay got a fancy camera at Christmas time and I loved watching him stage pictures and photograph the animals and the flowers. I wonder where this hobby will take him, if this is a formative stage in his life? We went on a train ride and Marsh and I were transported back in time to the days where our whole lives were immersed in train paraphernalia. Our boys are so grown up now it's great to get those reminders.

So I super quick threw together these pages. The kit makes it SO SUPER EASY and (most important to me) QUICK!

Everybody's will be totally unique based on what YOU want to record and remember, I love that there are no rules, just save whatever, it's all good!

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Epic Day This and That Journal

Epic Day This and That Designer Series Paper

Remember This and That Rotary Stamp

Epic Day This and That Designer Stickers

Epic Day This and That Designer Washi Tape

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