Monday, February 8, 2010

I "Heart" my Hostesses!

Today was my annual hostess appreciation event. To get an invite to this you have to have hosted a workshop or been a member of stamp club with me in 2009. We have had quite a bit of snow in the past 24 hours or so but that didn't put off the faithful few who made it today! Here is one of the free projects I had ready for them - we used the raw vinyl chalkboard sheets to make little message boards! Then we decorated them with other colors of vinyl cut with dies and the Big Shot. Cute little Emma (above) chose to put hers on a card stock backing so she could attach it to the refrigerator - she put magnets on the back and wrote a special message for her Daddy (don't you just wish she had made this for you! I know I do!)

Then Emma's Grandma, Brenda (not me! another Brenda) made her message board on a tile, isn't this so cool?! I was planning to buy tiles but my husband found these plain white ones for me in the shed, yay! Sometimes I'm glad he's such a hoarder. Check back tomorrow to see the other project we made.


  1. Emma is sooooooooo cute! and i love your chalk board idea! thank you for sharing!

  2. Awwh look at that sweet girl with such a beautiful note pad:)<3