Tuesday, December 29, 2009

PHEW! I survived Christmas!

It was a lot of fun but I have to say I'm glad it's over! Can you believe I am re-entering my blog with EVEN MORE NAME FRAMES! You would think I would be sick of them now but my kid's friends came over today and announced that they would like to do "some Stampin' Up!" they had seen the frames I've been making and wanted to do one of their own. Of course I have tons of supplies over so I pulled them out and let them play and just take a look at the great job they did!
They got out the Big Shot and cut out their letters and then they chose the images and colors they wanted to use. Quite often they'll look at what I'm doing and ask if they can make one and I'm ashamed to say I usually say "not today" because I'm busy working or prepping. It was fun today to be able to say "sure!" for once and we all had such a good time I'm determined to make time to do it again (we'll see how long that resolution lasts!)

Well, one of my other resolutions is to post more often, I haven't done very well with that lately either! Happy New Year to you and I hope to see you soon. Have a lovely week,


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