Saturday, May 9, 2009

Beer Can Gift Box

Oops, is it really a whole week since I said I'd post this?!

This is another sample I made for the Spring Stamposium. My friend Lynn's husband kindly donated me an empty Bud can (he's so generous!)

I tried making the base of the box with the tin can but it didn't do well with all that folding so I made the inside just using regular card stock and made the outer sleeve with the can. The Matchbox Die cut and scored the can easily but when I made sharp folds the can tore so before I folded it I covered the reverse side of the can with packing tape, that way when I made the sharp folds it didn't break apart.

We'll be using our little box to put a Father's Day gift in, maybe some beer money!

Have a great weekend!


  1. How did you dull the sharp edges of the can? I made a Manhattan flower using a soda can and them had to really glue it down good so I wouldn't cut myself! Thanks, Kim Innis,

  2. Oh, I could see this with other cans. You know the person addicted to Diet Coke, or Mountain Dew, etc. Thanks for the tip about the tape. Have a great day!

  3. this is just adorable! I love the idea and also appreciate the tip about putting masking tape on the back to prevent breakage. I know that when you are working with tin cans it's a good idea to wear gloves to protect yourself from there something you can do to prevent the sharp edges from cutting the recipient? Like sanding the edges or something? Jan

  4. You know the big shot doesn't really leave TOO sharp an edge, I wouldn't give it to a child but it would be hard to cut yourself on it once it's been through there (unless you've really drunk a lot of that beer!) When you cut it with scissors it is very sharp but once it's punched or die cut it's fine. Cutting the can to get the metal in the first place is when it's really bad, you get these little curls that are really nasty.